About the Artist

The poetic and symbolic abstracts created by Nigel Manders reflect his passion for the beautiful open landscapes of East Hertfordshire, where he lives with his wife and daughter, as well as the dramatic mountains and streams of North Wales. 'For me, the geographical features in rural landscapes, with their subtle yet striking patterns of light, shade, colour and texture, are inspirational and thought provoking,' he says. 'They conjure up an emotional response in the same way a great piece of music can.'

Trained in both fine art and graphics, Nigel has worked as a designer and illustrator for the past twenty years in commercial projects, a comedy magazine ('The Drift of No Wonder', 1993-2006) and a children's book ('Robert the Terrible', 2005). He is also a seasoned drummer, having recorded and toured with various alternative bands since the early eighties.

Nigel's early large-scale abstract expressionist oil paintings, produced whilst living in Germany from 1988-1993, were inspired by aerial and satellite photography. Although his style is influenced by post-war European abstract expressionism it has developed a new impetus since the loss of his father in 2011. 'My recent work celebrates the endurance of the human spirit and the intense beauty of the natural world,' says Nigel. 'Painting allows me to connect with my thoughts and memories in a very positive way.'

Nigel's current works fuses ancient art with contemporary landscape. Like the artists in the Der Blaue Reiter movement, he uses animal forms in some of his paintings to suggest both physical movement and spiritual energy. Taking as his inspiration prehistoric cave paintings and the vital architecture of Calatrava, Nigel develops his pictures organically, sculpting the landscape around the essential physical form. 'Traditionally in art, animals may represent human aspirations and ancestry and this is a central theme in my latest work,' he says.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting from Nigel, please contact moc/skrowtrasrednam//legin